Cavaterm™ is a safe, simple and reliable medical device used to treat women suffering from Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB).

The system has been used with success for more than ten years, providing long-term benefit for the individual woman.

The minimal invasive Cavaterm™ system consists of a reusable central unit and a single-use adjustable and flexible silicone balloon catheter. The system is based on balloon technology, combining heat, circulation and pressure for ten minutes to destroy the dysfunctional tissue layers within the uterus.

The Cavaterm™ is also an effective long-term alternative to other treatment methods such as drug therapy, loop resection, rollerball ablation and hysterectomy.

One of the reasons for the high satisfaction rate of up to 95% is that the treatment takes place on a day-case basis and that women can return to their daily routines shortly afterwards.

Special features

Balloon-length adjustment allows the balloon to fit optimally in every uterine cavity and protects the outside of the cavity from heat damage. Liquid circulation ensures a uniform temperature on the balloon surface. Easy pressure adjustment system which can be maintained and adjusted at any time during the procedure which allows a good and constant heat penetration into basal layers. Catheter insulation protects the cervix and the vagina from undesirable burns. The Soft-Heat™ heating elements deliver the appropriate temperature for optimal tissue coagulation exactly where the heat is needed thus preventing undesired side effects

Major advantages

Safe, simple and reliable
Quick and simple set-up and preparation
The small diameter of the catheter allows easy insertion
No or minimal intra- or postoperative complications
Permanent treatment
No hormonal pre-treatment required
Minimal invasive treatment

Technical information

Adjustable silicone balloon catheter

The adjustable and flexible silicone balloon is designed to fit all uterine cavity sizes. The conforming silicone balloon is adjustable in length to provide the best internal cavity fit and to protect the cervix and the vagina from undesirable burns. The silicone is flexible, resistant, and anti-allergenic. The catheter is latex-free.

Central unit

The central unit is simple to operate. It is powered either from the mains or from its own integrated low-voltage battery. There is also an integrated battery charger, so the battery is automatically recharged when the unit is connected to the mains.

Self-regulated Soft-Heat™ elements

The Cavaterm™ plus catheter uses a unique heating system. It consists of thin lamellae of a special semi-conductive material mix with inherent self-regulating properties. It has a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) self-regulating electric element with treated surfaces for optimal heat transfer. The electrical properties of the material change with temperature variations. The default working temperature maintains the liquid at a constant target temperature of 78°C.


A pulsation driven circulation system provides a vigorous fluid circulation, ensuring uniform temperature throughout all areas of the balloon, and facilitating a highly predictable temperature gradient in the organ under treatment. This ensures homogenous tissue destruction on the whole cavity surface and an effective treatment outcome.
Cavaterm Baloon

Cavaterm Baloon

Cavaterm in Uterus

Cavaterm in Uterus